Brad-Point Bits Box
 Starting Date: July 2012
 Completion Date: July 2012
 Inspiration: My uncle Pierre who used to have custom made boxes for his favorite tools
 Size: 6.25" Wide, 6.5" Tall, 1.25" Thick
 Wood Species: Cherry and Yellow Birch
 Finish: Tried and True Varnish Oil
 Materials Source:
 Additional References:

Simple box to store my Brad-Point Bits. Stores 14 bits, from 3/32" to 1/2" in 1/32" increments. Cherry outer lamination is 5/32" thick.


  • A sturdier hinge would be preferable.
  • Latch is pressure fit and includes a rare-earth magnet just in case (It appears to not even be necessary).

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