Forstner Bits Box
 Starting Date: July 2012
 Completion Date: July 2012
 Inspiration: My uncle Pierre who used to have custom made boxes for his favorite tools
 Size: 15" x 6 1/2"
 Wood Species: 3/4" Birch Plywood for lid, 1" Birch Plywood for base
 Materials Source: Lee Valley 1-1/4" x 7/16" Brusso Box Hinges (01B03.03)

Lee Valley 1/4" Rare earth Magnet, Cup, High Friction Pad (99K31.01, 99K32.51, 99K34.50)
Lee Valley Green Flocking Kit (
 Additional References:

The interior of the box was hollowed with a router using different bits.
1) Two 1/2" deep and 3/4" wide mortises are cut in the lid to accommodate the Forsnter Bit heads with a straight plunge bit.
2) Two 3/4" deep and 3/4" wide mortises are cut in the base. They mirror the same location as the mortises in the lid.
3) Sixteen 1/2" deep and 1/2" wide dadoes are then cut between the two mortises in the base at every 3/4" with a core box bit. These dadoes are where the bits will be housed.  One additional dado is then cut at 1" c/c from the last dado to accommodate the extra room required for a Blum Hinge Bit (Freud 35mm).
4) A 1/8" recess is then cut over the dadoes and mortises in order for the Green Flocking to be applied within a larger area with a single border. This eliminates the problem of having multiple areas to mask from Flocking and in my opinion gives a much better looking result.


The Brusso Hinges have a built-in stop at 95° which is great for this type of box. They are very sturdy and look exceptionally good. They are VERY pricey however... (If anyone know of a more affordable hinge that performs and looks similar, please share!) 

Take your time cutting the recesses for the hinges in the lid and the base to ensure a snug fit that will look sharp. If you feel in a hurry, just go back to the invoice and look at how much you paid for these hinges. That ought to slow you down... Lastly, remember to use steel screws to do the initial Hinge fixing, you would not want to damage the nice screws that come with the hinges. If you doubt this is necessary, go to the invoice and have another look...


I have to admit that I was highly skeptical when I purchased this Flocking Kit. I was not expecting the result to look this good and be this durable. I have been using this box for a year now and I am very surprised how well the flocking is holding up. It still looks as nice as the day it was "sprayed". The instructions that come with the kit are well written and should take all the mystery out of the process.

Rare earth magnets

The box gets heavy with all the bits inside and the lid must be secured shut to keep them from bouncing around and opening the lid. To solve this, simply put two rare earth magnets at the front corners.

Finger grip

The rare earth magnets, although small, provide a very secure close. The lid is too hard to pry from the base without some leverage for the fingers. To solve this, simply create a notch in the front of the box with a core bit.


  • Work on larger lid and base to have better Router support during the cutting of the mortises, dadoes, and recess. Cut the lid and base to their final dimension once the Router operations are completed.

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