Circle Cutting Jig for Router
 Starting Date: October 2006
 Completion Date: October 2006
 Inspiration: Much needed jig to replace an older one that does not fit my new router
 Size: 24.5" X 8.75"
 Wood Species: Birch Plywood and Cherry Slide
 Materials Source:
Lee Valley 16J60.61
 Additional References:

There are many versions of similar Jigs available on the web and in magazines. I did not follow any existing plans or designs, I simply used lessons learned from my previous Jig and added the elements I wanted to have.

Building this Jig requires a Straight Plunge Bit, a Round Over bit and a special Slot-Wall bit for the Slide.

Notice that the pivot rod (Clipped Nail or Dowel) can be inserted anywhere along the slide

Notice the recess for the heads of Bolts used to secure the Router to the Jig

Slide can move all the way to the Bit
Pivot point at the end of the slide


  • The circle radius can be increased by simply using a longer slide.
  • This design allows for the circle radius to be less than the radius of the router base.

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