End-Grain Cutting Board
 Starting Date: December 2006
 Completion Date: December 2006
 Inspiration: Wood Magazine
 Size: Various
 Wood Species: Maple, Cherry, Walnut
 Finish: Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish
 Materials Source: Shop scraps, and Lee Valley 53Z32.02
 Additional References: Wood Magazine, October 2006 Issue

Nothing much to say here. This is probably the most common Woodworking project tackled by shop enthousiasts, and to boot this is the design used by most on their first attempt. Plans are available here:

That said, one of a kind End-Grain Cutting Boards makes the perfect gift for practically everyone and they don't require Master craftmanship to achieve eye-catching result.

1- Gluing the boards

2- Glued boards ready for planing

3- Ready for being cross-cut into strips

4- Flipping strips

5- Re-Gluing Flipped strips

6- Ready for final flattening

7- Ready for finishing

8- Final product with Anti-Slip Rubber Feet


  • I used Titebond III and I have nothing bad to say about my choice after 6 years.

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