Wooden Spoon
 Starting Date: July 2012
 Completion Date: July 2012
 Inspiration: Never too early to start building stock of Stocking stuffers...
 Size: 18" long
 Wood Species: Yellow Birch
 Finish: Beeswax Salad bowl finish
 Materials Source: Lee Valley Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish  (53Z32.01)
 Additional References: Lee Valley Hook Knife ( 01D20.01)

The handle and the spoon outer edge were turned on the lathe.  The bulk of the material was removed at the bandsaw (Under the spoon bowl) and at the press drill with a Forstner bit (Inside the spoon bowl). The final spoon bowl was carved with a Hook Knife.  The lip of the bowl is intentionally left square, makes it easier to "scrape" the pot!


The proverbial "Make sure your tool is sharp." adage takes all its meaning when it comes to a hook knife. I had to learn how to sharpen the thing before I had any success... I am very pleased with the end result, but would definitely spend time to make sure I get the Hook Knife as sharp as I possibly can before carving another spoon. I am sure that just like any tool, there are many ways to sharpen a Hook Knife and all depends on individual preferences and budget. I got the best sharpening results using BodyShop type Sandpaper (2000Grit) rolled on a dowel. 

You REALLY want to see how spoon carving is supposed to be done. I can't help but be amazed by this man's ability. If I had only known that I do not need all these power tools I have... Take a look at: