Chainsaw - Log Mill
 Starting Date: ca. 1980
 Completion Date:
 Inspiration: Rig to build a Cabin in the woods
 Size: 24" Wide, 24" Long, 20.5" Tall, 8" between chainsaw holders
 Wood Species: None, 3/4" x 3/4" Steel bars
 Finish: Enamel gloss paint (not so glossy after 30 years!)
 Materials Source:
 Additional References:

Roughly 30 years ago, I build an all steel carriage that held a chainsaw vertically and rolled on special Track Roller Bearings sitting in steel angle rails. It had the benefit of being a break-down structure that could be easily carried in the woods and reassembled where needed. The lenght of the log was only limited by the length of the (2) steel angle rails. I only ran a few test runs and cut a couple of short boards with it. It worked, but I never used it enough to determine if the design was suitable for any serious lumber production. It is definitely not something you would want to use where there are neighbours around!

Here it is, 30 years later:

Knock-down assembly
Track roller bearing at each corner of the carriage

Log hold-down (In 3 sizes)

I did not bother putting on the longer chainbar or the ripping chain for the picture...

Take a look at the Bandsaw Log Mill project.


  • A Riping chain is a must
  • Log milling with a chainsaw requires a powerful motor

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