Scribing Knife #1 (Now a single bevel knife)
 Starting Date: September 2006
 Completion Date: September 2006
 Size: 8 1/4" Overall, 3 1/4" blade
 Wood Species: Cherry and Walnut
 Finish: DEFT Danish Oil "Clear Natural"
 Materials Source: Old hacksaw blade 14" x 1 1/4" x .075"
 Additional References:

I wanted a Scribing knife and decided to make my own...

I started by cutting a blank blade from an old industrial hacksaw blade and made a pistol grip template:

I then made 1/8" veneers from Walnut and Cherry:

I laminated the veneers and made sure that the thickness of the Center veneer was equal to the thickness of the blade and left a slot for the blade to be inserted in the grip. The pistol grip template was then used to draw an outline of the grip on the veneer lamination. I then followed the outline on the bandsaw making sure to leave just enough to later trim at the router table. Once trimmed, I rounded the edges of the grip with a 1/8" radius Round-over bit.

As you can notice, the blade can be removed from the grip, and I later reground the blade with a single bevel when I made my second Scribing Knife: